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Praying for a miracle

As the Christmas season comes to a close and we earnestly enter into a new year, I’m finally getting rid of this bug that’s been ... Read more

Keeping another promise

There are many things going on that I could be writing about but I can get caught up on those. For now I must keep ... Read more

Prayers answered, prayer denied

On Nov. 22, I told the tale of two puppies, Mojo and Rockii. Rockii went to the University of Georgia to have a hip replacement, ... Read more

I almost titled this tale “Filling the nest.”  Shortly after we lost big Bruno, our brindle Boxer, we were down to two animals in our ... Read more

With the best intentions

With the best intentions

Often I find myself in difficult dilemmas when it comes to my kids.  Besides the many forms of assistance, sheer will and heavy prayer have ... Read more

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