Doing what I can for my kids

Published 8:00 am Friday, May 26, 2023

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This week began with me checking on Prancer, the heartworm case at Bonnie Brae.  Prancer’s treatment won’t take place until three weeks into June, so I’m okay there for a while.

Amazon and Blitz are two cats that needed extensive work at Landrum Vet. I was prepared for this, and it’s a long story, but things went well. After discounts, my fee was around $650.

Miley, our wonder dog, finally got off to see Dr. Allen at Upstate. I explained last week that her 15th appointment was rescheduled due to lack of a ride. She went on Monday the 23rd, but during the week I got an update on how she was doing.  

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Miley is one of those special animals that makes everyone who knows her fall in love.  Her torn ligament and shoulder displacement (which is healing) are definitely causing some pain and discomfort but you’d never know it being around her. I’ve seen photos of her shaking hands, offering her paw when asked. If you give her a toy she brings it to you so you can play with her. She loves people and in every way is a joyous soul.

I spoke to Dr. Keith Allen after the surgery and after exchanging pleasantries with my old friend I got the rundown on Miley.  

“The procedure went well,” Dr. Allen explained. “They’ll be at least twelve weeks of healing. She has some pins and rods to straighten her leg out but she’ll be good as new.  It’s an extensive procedure, Lennie, and her fee will be $4,500. I’m no longer affiliated with management; Upstate has been taken over by a large conglomerate. I managed to get you a 10% discount which will be there for any other animal you bring here. I’ll do my best to get your fee as close to $4,000 as I can.”  

“Thanks, Keith, whatever you can do will help a great deal. I am prepared and have the funds to send as soon as I receive the bill. I’ll speak with Dr. Raines, who has been on this from the beginning. I’m sure Miley has captured Donna’s heart also,” I said.

“I spoke with Donna this morning,” Dr. Allen said. “You’re right; she is enamored by this sweet girl.”  

“I’m going to try to raise some money through a go fund me or something so I can be prepared for her other leg when the time comes,” I continued.

“Speaking of that, Lennie, I think the scar tissue on the other leg is older than her accident,” Dr. Allen replied. “She’ll be fine though, we’ll cross that when we get to it, if need be.”  

The news brought an instant tear to my eyes. What has this poor girl been through in her short life this far? Dear God, I prayed, give me the ability to see that she has a happy and loving life from here on.

I would like to once again thank all of my angels who made Miley’s procedure possible.  

I know it’s a never-ending battle but just knowing a soul like Miley’s is worth it all.

God bless and thanks for listening.


Leonard Rizzo is the founder of Lennie’s Kids, a non-profit organization that helps sick and injured animals in the foothills, promotes animal welfare and works to find homes for pets.