Where to buy the paper

Interested in our paper? Feel free to browse through the listing of locations below to where you can purchase our paper. Each location below will always have the most recently published paper available. If you would like to purchase an older edition of our paper, please stop by our office. We will be glad to assist you.




Bi-Lo (Landrum)
1750 SC-14, Landrum

1792 SC-14, Landrum

Briar Patch
 280  Goodjoin Rd., Campobello

Calvert’s Kitchen
306 E. Mills St., Columbus

Coffee House
62A N. Trade St., Tryon

Columbus ABC
230 W. Mills Ste #3, Columbus

Columbus PO
126 Ward St., Columbus

Cool Mama Bakery
6431 NC-9 Ste 1, Columbus

100 W. Rutherford St., Landrum

CVS (Landrum)
303 E. Rutherford St.,

CVS Columbus
(WR6550) 333 W.
Mills St., Columbus

Deb’s #1  (Mill Spring)
91 NC-9, Mill Spring

Deb’s #2
(Green Creek)
6369 NC-9, Columbus

Deb’s #4
21 NC-9, Mill Spring

Dollar General
(Green Creek)
6037 NC-9, Tryon

Dollar General (Gowensville)
14055 SC-11, Campobello

Dollar General
1756 SC-14, Landrum

Dollar General (Tryon)
332 S. Trade St.,

503 W. Mills St., Columbus

First Peak Visitors Center
20 E. Mills St., Columbus

Food Lion
250 W. Mills St. Unit 5, Columbus

Food Lion 2/
Family Dollar
229 W Mills St., Columbus

Foundation Office
85 W. Mills, St., Columbus

213 W. Rutherford St., Landrum

Front Desk
16 N. Trade St., Tryon

Green River BBQ
131 US 176, Saluda

132 S. 562, Landrum

Hot Spot
201 N. Howard Ave., Landrum

370 S. Trade St., Tryon

1851 SC-14, Landrum

Ingles (Lake Lure)
276 NC-9, Lake Lure

Ingles Gas
1851 SC-14, Landrum

328 S. Howard Ave., Landrum

Land Mart
101 N. Bomar Ave., Landrum

Landrum Drugs
104 W. Rutherford St., Landrum

Lynn PO
2633 Lynn Rd., Lynn

715 S. Howard Ave, Landrum

300 W. Mills St., Columbus

869 NC-9, Mill Spring

Mountain View BBQ
829 W. Mills St., Columbus

Nana’s Kitchen
354 S. Trade St. Ste A, Tryon

Openroad Coffee
915 W. Mills St., Columbus

Roadrunner (BK)
393 W.  Mills St., Columbus

Roadrunner (HS)
1550 NC-108 Hwy E., Columbus

Roadrunner (Landrum)
1880 SC-14, Landrum

Saluda PO
102 E. Main St., Saluda

Saluda Truck Plaza/BP
1380 Ozone Dr., Saluda

Second Chance
Thrift Store
232 E. Mills St., Columbus

Side Street Pizza
135 S. Trade St., Tryon

3950 Lynn Rd., Tryon

Southern Manners
192 E. Mills St. Columbus

5598 SC-14, Landrum

St. Luke’s Hospital
101 Hospital Dr., Columbus

T.J.’s Cafe
456 S. Trade St., Tryon

The Dutch Plate
206 S. Main St., Campobello

The Junction
5599 SC-14, Landrum

Tryon Daily Bulletin
16 N. Trade St., Tryon

Tryon Laundromat
381 S. Trade St., Tryon

Tryon PO
95 Pacolet St., Tryon

Twin Palmetto
1005 E. Rutherford St., Landrum

V – Go
401 W. Mills St. or 231 W. Mills St., Columbus

Waffle House
I-26 & Hwy 108 Ex 67, Columbus

Ward’s Grill/Historic Thompson’s Store
24 E. Main St., Saluda

Wolverine Pizza
1550 NC-108, Columbus