Fighting back once again

Published 1:19 pm Thursday, August 31, 2023

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This past Friday I saw one of my doctors who checked my vital signs and gave me enzymes to help strengthen my weaknesses. I’ve been seeing this wonderful team for ten years and they have helped me greatly. Last month I had nine points where I was failing, on this last visit, I was down to only two.

I haven’t gained any of the weight, but I’ve stabilized and feel pretty good. Dr. McGee at the dialysis clinic says I’m doing fine although I still feel pretty weak and am rapidly losing muscle mass.

I’ll be seeing my cardiologist in November but I was at his office this week with my dear wife Elaine. She’s doing okay and my vital signs are pretty good though I still have shortness of breath and swelling and discoloration in my legs, mostly below the knee.

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To the best of my ability, I’m following all the doctor’s orders when it comes to food and medicine; the rest is up to God and nature. You have my word, I’ll do my part.

Now, let’s talk about my kids:

I checked on Bo, the one-year-old Beagle Basset that took on a semi-truck. He’s doing well although he keeps trying to take the bandage off. He’s now walking on all fours and his next appointment is on September 5.  I told the young lady, “Make sure Bo understands to stop taking on semis, it’s not an even fight.”

An older lady that I’ve helped before had one of her older dogs off his food for the past few days. Though she struggles on a very small fixed income, she is a loving and responsible owner. Her dog was full of tumors and it was time for her to let go. Believe me, I know how hard it is to say goodbye, but the ultimate form of love is to know when to send them home to their Creator. Animobile has humanely put him to sleep and has agreed to send me the bill, money well spent.

By the way, in the past two weeks, more money has come into my funds than has been spent. Thank you for your efforts.

Finally, I’ve taken on two Chihuahua pups, two months and one year old, Sashi and Gypsy. I was assured there weren’t any fleas or ticks but they were scratching and bleeding and moaning all night long. The young lady who owns them will give what she can and I promised to handle the rest. We’ll be meeting at Landrum Vet tomorrow, the visit has been scheduled. We’ll see then what is going on and hopefully, we can fix the little pups.

In the meantime, to quote an old Sonny and Cher song, “The beat goes on.”

God bless you all and thanks for listening.