Coming full circle

Published 10:45 am Wednesday, July 5, 2023

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As I begin to tell this wonderful tale that warmed my heart, I’m sitting here reflecting on the peaceful day I’ve enjoyed. As I write this, it is July 4th, Independence Day, and I’ve just returned from being with a special group of people that meet each Tuesday morning and pray for our country.  

With many of the faults we may have in this land, this country and its’ people are inherently good and the tale I’m about to tell is proof of that.

I’ll begin by remembering the story of little Harper who was rescued, made well against all odds and was finally paid for and adopted by her initial rescuer.

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Mylie’s tale began with Susan and Bill hearing a car screech and witnessing a dog struck by a vehicle. She was picked up and brought to Landrum Vet with severe damage to her left rear thigh and leg. I entered the picture the very next day when Dr. Raines asked if I could help Mylie, the name given to her.  

“I don’t know if you have the funds, but she’ll need to go to Upstate and it will be expensive,” Dr. Raines told me. “I’ve sent x-rays to Dr. Allen and the estimate is between $4,500 and $4,800.”  

I went over to meet Mylie and her tail began to thump. She had a sweet smile of recognition as if she’d known me all my life. I spent a few minutes talking to her in my best reassuring voice. 

“Sweet girl,” I told her as I stroked her cheek through the cage, “You have the best people that I know concerned about you and I promise I’ll do all I can to help make you well and find you a good forever home.” 

“I can handle it, Donna, just tell Keith that Miley is one of Lennie’s Kids. I’ll have a note and a gift for Dr. Allen when she’s brought Upstate,”  I explained.

Donna tearfully gave me a hug and I jokingly said, “If you started with that in the first place, I’d have given you the moon.”  

Many things have happened between then and now. Her operation was successful and she needed 12 weeks of quiet recuperating, which she spent with a great vet tech who put up with me asking about her almost daily. The fabulous Dr. Allen worked out a discount and the $4,800 initial fee became $4,100 which has already been paid. 

The initial couple who found her had been out of the picture. Susan was finishing some tests (she is a pilot) in Florida and Bill had some problems that landed him in the hospital for a while. Both are doing fine and they contacted Dana Mayer who was heading up the adoption for Mylie. No one could be trusted more to see she gets a good and proper home. Bill and Susan learned Mylie was still available and asked Dana if they could adopt her.

We all met at Landrum Vet the Saturday before last and the area was chock full of love and joy as Mylie greeted everyone, making us all know that she was a soul worth saving.

These people are the reason why I have such hope for this country, they are the reason why we pray each Tuesday in the hopes that goodness will prevail.

God bless and thanks for listening.

Leonard Rizzo is the founder of Lennie’s Kids, a nonprofit organization that helps sick and injured animals in the foothills, promotes animal welfare and works to find homes for pets.