Spare the rod?

Published 12:36 pm Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Dear Aunty Pam,


You seem to be pretty level-headed so I’m going to ask you to settle an argument between me and my buddy’s sister. Me and her brother, Chris, have been roommates for about 6 years. It works out well because Chris is divorced, I did a short prison stint and am sort of starting over, and now we both work in construction and usually on the same job. Chris’ sister, Amber, likes to swing by on the weekend and hang out, which is OK, but sometimes she brings her 5-year-old kid who is a total brat.

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That kid is spoilt and mouthy and doesn’t listen to her. She lets him run all over the place and last week he knocked over a pyramid of shot glasses I’ve collected over the years and broke two of them. I yelled at the kid and told him if he didn’t shut up and sit down I was going to whoop him. Then Amber goes nuts and says I have no right yelling and threatening her kid and I said it’s my house and I’ll do what I want especially as she ain’t doing jack to stop the kid.

Chris told me to calm down and I said I will but that kid needs a good whooping to learn some manners. Chris said Amber doesn’t believe in spanking. I said, ‘So she doesn’t believe in spanking but she believes in letting him break other peoples’ stuff?’ Chris didn’t say anything but Amber told me I was a total jerk and left.

So what do you think? I want to keep the peace with Chris, but I’m sick and tired of these people who don’t spank their kids. I got spanked when I was growing up and it didn’t hurt me.





Dear Travis,


Well, er…actually…


Cheers, dear!

Aunty Pam