Furious with my ex-husband

Published 12:09 pm Monday, April 15, 2024

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Dear Aunty Pam,

My ex-husband recently called me with a request that has me so angry that my best friend said I should write to you.

A little back story: ‘Bill’ and I were married for eight years, and we share custody of our twin girls who are 6 years old. Bill and I get along OK, and the reason for our divorce was that he had an affair with a woman he worked with a couple of years ago.

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Last week, Bill called me to say he and ‘Tina’ have decided to get married this June and asked if I mind if our daughters were flower girls at the wedding. I said I would discuss it with them and see how they feel about it and then he said ‘OK, I understand. Can I ask one more favor?’ 

I said sure, go ahead. 

Turns out this favor is that Bill wants me to go back to my maiden name because it makes Tina feel ‘insecure’ and ‘weird’ that there will be two women out there in our community with his last name. I lost it and said that even though his last name is no big deal to me and I’d rather not have it, since our children share his last name I’ve kept it to give them security and a sense of normalcy as we went through our divorce. 

He said I was being immature. I said he had to be kidding and that if Tina was brave enough to go after a married man with two little girls, she should be brave enough to deal with the fact that she’s not the only ‘Mrs. C’ in the area.

What do you say?


LC in NC


Dear Maggie Thatcher,

I got nothin’. Best comeback line ever! And hopefully Bill’s next mistress will be far more confident.

Cheers, dears!!


Aunty Pam