Polk County property transfer report

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, March 10, 2016

This report covers property transfers recorded in the Polk County Courthouse between Feb. 16 – 29, 2016.


February 16

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Grantor: William M. Jackson, First Citizens Bank and Trust Company/AIF; Grantee: William M. Jackson Revocable Trust; Description: Tryon; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: Victoria Theresa Nelson, Victoria Nelson Eliot FKA; Grantee: Victoria Theresa Nelson/TR, Victoria Theresa Nelson Revocable Trust; Description: Saluda; Amount:  None listed.

Grantor: Jonathan F. Williams, Grantee: Marianne L. Williams; Description: Columbus, 8.85ac; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: David J. Lee; Grantee: Gerald L. Skelcy, Jean I. Skelcy; Description: Tryon, Amount: $24,000.

February 17

Grantor: James E. Shehan, Barbara H. Shehan; Grantee: James M. Shehan, Patricia J. Shehan; Description: White Oak; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: Harrison R. Rhodes, Jr., Sandra Metcalf Rhodes; Grantee: American IRA, LLC, Kirk Hall IRA/FBO; Description: Saluda, 2.89ac; Amount: $2,100.

Grantor: Nellie Bowler; Grantee: S.L. Atkins; Description: Saluda; Amount: $18,000

February 19

Grantor: Christopher Ray Waters, Jennifer Nichole Waters; Grantee: Tony Green; Description: White Oak; Amount: $1,000.

Grantor: John Roger Parker; Grantee: Tony Green; Description: White Oak; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: Kenneth J. Stephan; Grantee: Roberta Heinrich; Description: Tryon, 0.67ac; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: Thermal Belt Habitat for Humanity, Inc.; Grantee: Glenn C. Ruff, Kimberly A. Ruff; Description: Cooper Gap, 1.00ac; Amount: $78,500.

Grantor: Mary Jane Hughes, John Howard Highsmith; Grantee: John P. Wilson II, Adrienne L. Wilson; Description: Tryon, 0.33ac; Amount: $137,500.

Grantor: Aaron Christopher Stott, Latisha Snyder Stott; Grantee: Christopher B. Schlabach, Niesha B. Schlabach; Description: Columbus, 0.72ac; Amount: $16,500.

February 22

Grantor: Harold Franklin Arledge, Jr., Sherry Bell Arledge; Grantee: Aaron Franklin Arledge; Description: None listed, 16.30ac; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: Kirk A. Hall, Konnie F. Hall; Grantee: Kirk A. Hall Trust, Kirk A. Hall and Konnie Hall Joint Living Trust Dated Mar. 6, 2015; Description: Saluda, Amount: None listed.

Grantor: Rebecca M. Reese Trust, The Russell L. Reese, Sr. Living Trust, The Rebecca M. Reese Living Trust; Grantee: Tyler E. Bradley, Ashley B. Phillips; Description: Saluda, 1.19ac; Amount: $14,000.

Grantor: Sheridan Chase Wooten, AKA Chase Wooten; Grantee: Jonathan G. Wooten; Description: Green Creek, 1.00ac; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: Sheldon Liebowitz Trust; Sheldon Liebowitz Declaration of Trust Agreement Dated Nov. 17, 2008; Grantee: Wendy J. Wipperman; Description: Green Creek, 35.89ac; Amount: $52,000.

Grantor: Jacqueline B. Hall; Grantee: Saluda Mountain House, LLC; Description: Saluda, 0.22ac; Amount: None listed

Grantor: First Citizens Bank and Trust, Mountain First Bank and Trust, FKA; Grantee: Tonya Marie Walls, James Cole Walls; Description: Lake Adger, Coopers Gap and White Oak, 12.97ac; Amount: $7,000.

Grantor: Donald E. Lovett, Richard B. Mock; Grantee: Jeanne Ferran; Description: Saluda, 0.70ac; Amount: $10,300.

February 23

Grantor: Frederick R. Fletcher; Grantee: David McPherson, Martine McPherson; Description: Saluda, 0.55ac; Amount: $8,500.

Grantor: Margaret E. Durham, P/R, Estate of Elizabeth H. Pace, Shirley J. Peach, Donald N. Peach, Margaret E. Durham; Grantee: Sealbhaich, LLC; Description: Columbus, 20.42ac; Amount: $16,000.

Grantor: James Davis; Grantee: Elizabeth M. Burdett, John S. Burdett; Description: Saluda; Amount: $1,400.

February 24

Grantor: Jay T. Hansen, Nikolina A. Hansen; Grantee: Sarah M. Hansen; Description: Columbus, 1.45ac; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: Steven T. Bulleit; Sandra L. Bulleit; Grantee: Andrew Christopher McKaig, Kelsey Gates; Description: Tryon, 1.06ac; Amount: $28,400.

Grantor: Leroy Staley, Dorothy Lee Staley; Grantee: Tryon Equestrian Properties No. 2, LLC; Description: Green Creek, 0.49ac and 0.34ac; Amount: $124,500.

Grantor: William E. Staley; Eva Y. Staley, Grantee: Tryon Equestrian Properties No. 2, LLC; Description: Green Creek, 5.84ac; Amount: $87,600.

February 25

Grantor: Jonathan B. Waters, Larah F. Waters; Grantee: Jason Lee Pillar, Ilise Stacey Gartzman; Description: Columbus, 3.49ac; Amount: $2,900.

Grantor: Charles A. McCurry, Elizabeth E. McCurry, Billy E. McCurry, Shirley D. McCurry, Joyce M. Arledge, Elbert H. Arledge, Richard E. Alewine, Gayle M. Mitchell, Linda M. Morgan, William Michael McMillian, Patricia L. McMillian; Grantee: William Timothy McCurry; Description: Tryon; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: Byana, LLC; Grantee: Brele, LLC; Description: Derbyshire, Columbus 1.11ac; Amount: $22,500.

Grantor: Gene A. Wilson, Glynes D. Wilson; Grantee: Roger D. Wilson; Description: Cooper Gap, 2.09ac; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: Therese Smoke, EXR; Henry R. Smoke, Jr., Jeannine Strayhorn, Joseph Strayhorn, Todd Deziel, Kristie Deziel, Estate of Norma R. Deziel, Therese Smoke; Grantee: John B. Malcolm, Marilyn A. Malcolm; Description: Tryon, 0.50ac; $14,700.

February 26

Grantor: Frances Elaine Conia; Grantee: Jeffrey Lee Ballard, Teressa E. Ballard; Description: Coopers Gap, 1.05ac; Amount: None listed.

February 29

Grantor: Michael S. Longley, Heather L. Longley; Grantee: Doheny Enterprises, Inc.; Description: Tryon, 0.53ac; Amount: $33,500.

Grantor: Charlene A. Woodward, Anthony Donato; Grantee: Justin B. Covil, Brandy N. Lance; Description: Tryon, 1.26ac; $15,500.

Grantor: Barney Frank Brewer, Jr., Lynn M. Brewer; Grantee: James S. Larew; Description: White Oak; Amount: $500.

Grantor: Benjamin Arnold Wilson, Patricia B. Wilson; Grantee: Brian K. Wilson, Benjamin Arnold Wilson; Description: Coopers Gap, 22.27ac; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: Melvin S. Rice, Sr., Constance Rice; Grantee: Rena G. Rice; Description: Green Creek, 9.40ac; Amount: None listed.

Grantor: Rena G. Rice, Grantee: Tryon Equestrian Properties No. 2, LLC; Description: Green Creek, 9.40ac; Amount: $185,000.

Grantor: Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Association; Grantee: Michael W. Miller, Cynthia B. Miller; Description: White Oak; Amount: None listed.


– From staff reports