Polk County property transfers

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, December 11, 2014

The following property transfers were recorded with the Registrar of Deeds between Nov. 24 – 28, 2014.

November 24
Grantor: Stinger, Lawrence G.
Grantee: Stinger, Gianpaola Z.
Description: Melrose Mountain Development Corp. Tryon
Lot 366
Amount: Not Listed

Grantor: Monroe, Suzanne, B.
Grantee: Kerhulas, Marguerite
Description: Tryon
Lot T14 B2
Amount: $216,000

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Grantor: Hensley, Stanley E.
Grantee: Hensley, Angela S.
Description: Green Creek
4 ac
Amount: Not Listed

Grantor: RMJ Enterprises, LP
Grantee: Masters, Steven E.,
Masters, Peggy L.
Description: Coopers Gap
The Mountain at Lake Adger
Lot 1, 2.63 ac
Amount: $145,000

Grantor: Koon, Linda Stacy/ TR,
Louis O. Stacy, Jr. Revocable Trust Agreement dated 5/24/02
Grantee: Investment Strategies, LLC
Description: Columbus
White Oak Company
Amount: $460,000

November 25
Grantor: Currie, Kenneth L.,
Currie, Carmen R.
Grantee: Currie, Kenneth L./TR,
Currie, Carmen R./TR
The Currie Family Trust 8/13/13
Description: Columbus
Hidden River
Lot 12, 0.66 ac
Amount: Not Listed

Grantor: Hasz, David Morgan/EXR
Estate of Joe Morgan Hasz
Grantee: Foster, Cathy E.
Description: The Pines
Green Creek
Lot 13, 0.63 ac
Amount: Not Listed

Grantor: Newman, Clyde C. Jr.
Grantee: Newman, Clyde C.,
Newman, Rhonda C.
Description: Land of Lakes
Lot 21
Amount: Not Listed

November 26
Grantor: Wright, James A.,
Wright, Cheryl E.
Grantee: Case, Leonard H.,
Dupont, Martha W.
Description: Tryon
0.59 ac
Amount: $45,000

Grantor: Davis, Seth,
Davis, Margaret
Grantee: McNutt, Bobbie, L.
Description: Tryon
0.23 ac
Amount: $185,000

Grantor: Smaland Farm, Inc.
Grantee: Franklin, Peter R.,
Wright, Gregory Allen
Description: Columbus
Stoneybrook Section 2
Lot 7 & 9
Amount: $40,000

Grantor: Wilson, Velma Ann
Grantee: Binns, Robert J.
Description: White Oak
4.33 ac
Amount: $10,000

Grantor: NRNS Acquisition
Rutherfordton, LLC
Grantee: Green River Farm, LLC
Ketchem Properties, LLC
Description: Green Creek
32.51 ac
Amount: $264,000

Grantor: Fagan, Larry, Jr.,
Fagan, Michelle, R., Ring, Michelle L.
Grantee: Fagan, Larry, Jr.,
Fagan, Michelle, R.
Description: Viewmont Farms
Columbus 12.45 ac
Amount: Not Listed