Barn safety: Ways to protect your barn against fires

Published 9:49 am Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fran Garside reported that one horse survived because he was in the only stall that had a door to the outside. Garside said by the time the fire department arrived, five of the horses were already down.

Smoke, heat and flames spread in an instant during barn tragedies because most everything in a barn is flammable. Dalton suggests making sure the doorways are wide enough to evacuate more than one horse at a time.

She said owners should also remove objects on the ground and walls that can cause both horses and humans to trip or become snagged.

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Maintaining a fire-safe barn and stable:

• Have a fire inspection done by the local fire department

• Never allow smoking in or near a barn

• Keep the barn isles clean and clutter free

• Maintain a fire apron around your property by removing tall grass, shrubbery and trash

• Keep fire extinguisher’s  maintained and learn how to use them

• Understand the basics of spontaneous combustion with regard to hay bales and follow a proper way of disposing manure

• Look for wiring modification made by raccoons, mice and rats

• Give horses a door to the outside

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