Wolverines dominate Brevard

Published 5:13 pm Monday, August 27, 2012

Polk’s Jordan Smith scores his first touchdown against Brevard on Friday, Aug. 24. (photo by Fulton Hampton)

In an unusual turn of events, the Polk County Wolverines, who came out for warm ups on Friday, Aug. 24 in silver jerseys and black pants as they have done before at home, had to go back in and change their jerseys. The referees were not certain they could tell the teams apart because the jersey colors were so similar (Brevard had white).
Unfortunately for Brevard, that was the only time the two teams would be confused. The Wolverines switched to their royal blue jerseys and came out and scored at will against the Blue Devils, finishing 74-0 Polk.
Anytime a football game has a score like this, the question of “running up the score” understandably  surfaces. Polk threw only four passes for 42 yards and had a total of only 231 yards total offense from scrimmage. The Blue Devils continually gave the Wolverines excellent field position, turning the ball over via interceptions and fumbles.
A total of eight different players scored for the Wolverines – nine including Gage Stone, the kicker. Coach Ollis played Polk’s second and third teams the second half, and the last score was by Polk’s JV team and quarterback. This opportunity was set up by another Brevard fumble on the 12-yard line.  Brevard simply was not able to generate any offense against the Polk defense all night.
Scoring broken down by quarter was 28, 27, 12 and 7.
First quarter
Polk’s Jordan Smith started the scoring with a 29-yard run, set up by a great block by guard Floyd Graber. Anthony Carson returned a punt for 60+ yards, and Alec Philpott then scored on a five-yard run. Smith intercepted a pass and returned it 10 yards for a touchdown.
Second quarter, 28 – 0
Carson scored on a 20-yard pass from Philpott, immediately following a Reece Schlabach interception.Philpott scored on a one-yard run set up after another long punt return by Carson.
Schlabach then scored on a 10-yard touchdown from Philpott after a Brevard fumble, and Tyler Jackson scored on a nine-yard run.
Third quarter, 55 – 0
Donte Poston scored on a 12-yard run. Matthew Darden then scored on a 30-yard run to make the score 67 -0.
Fourth quarter, 67 – 0
Tanner Garrett scored on a one-yard plunge after a Brevard fumble on the 12-yard line.
Coach Ollis said after the game: “It’s always fun to win. As a head football coach these [type] games can be disconcerting with the scores getting out of hand, etc. The thing I was most proud of was our second and third team guys and our eight-quarter guys (JV players) came in and played hard. Our return game was very good… we had a punt return for a touchdown from Anthony Carson, Alec [Philpott] ran the offense to perfection in the first half and everything was clicking. It’s a big win, we came out healthy…. I think this will give us some impetus going into next week’s ballgame.”
Polk plays R-S Central next week at R-S Central. Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m.

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