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When overwhelmed, it’s time for prayers

When overwhelmed, it’s time for prayers

I talk about rambling often, and sometimes I just don’t know where to begin, so here goes a little about a lot of cases. Boomer, the ... Read more

Changing their lives

Changing their lives

He came out from a wooded area, frail, frightened and malnourished.  His ribs were protruding, his head was low and his tail was tucked beneath ... Read more

Great people doing great things

A few weeks ago, I told the tale of Boomerang, the little yellow lab that is now being fostered and trained with Danielle Scruggs and ... Read more

Sharing updates on my adopted kids

Often I receive responses of gratitude from the families of the animals I’ve helped. I could never adequately express the warmth I feel in my ... Read more

Rambling on about the kids, my book project

Many times I’ve been asked, “How do you find stories to write about each week?” My problem is usually choosing what to write about, as ... Read more

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