A Poem: Endless Cats

Published 8:00 am Thursday, April 13, 2023

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Dear Readers,


Though I tried to explain why we took the kittens from the young one-year-old cats we spayed, still some thought we could save them. So, I thought it was time to dust off “Endless Cats” which can be found on page 16 of “A Voice in the Hills.”

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Our two featured cats in this article are Amber and Whisper, along with Stephanie, a staff member, and Jackie, our summer help teen.  


Here’s the scenario: “Stephanie,” Whisper said. “Why are we here?”


“I don’t know,” Stephanie answered. “I guess nobody wanted you.”


“Why don’t you write about all our cats?” Jackie asked.


“Yeah, why don’t you?” Amber chimed in.


“Okay, okay,” I said. “Is this a planned conspiracy?” I was greeted by smiles all around, but it got me thinking and I suppose the answer is that there are just too many special cases where the cats are concerned. 


So, I’ve decided to combine two of my favorite things: writing about our “kids” and poetry. I hope you enjoy “Endless Cats.”


Who can resist a sweet little kitten?

So playful and a joy to behold.

One little glimpse and you’re sure to be smitten,

The start of how our story is told.

The truth of the matter which is so plain to see

A cat is what they will all one day be,

And too often are left out in the cold,

Now a cat that’s allowed to run loose

Will put it’s time to good use.

We could all use some tutoring

In spaying and neutering,

And therein begins the abuse.

Some folks whom I guess truly care

Will attack this dilemma with flair.

They bring cats on board

And begin to hoard,

Which adds up much more despair,

Others treat them with cruel disdain,

Without thought of what causes the pain.

They’re chased from a lot,

Hosed down or shot,

It’s the same sad old refrain.

A cat that’s not fixed left to roam,

Will certainly bring new kittens home.

This kitten that pleased,

Could be sick or diseased,

And left to die all alone.

So they come to our shelter in droves,

Found beneath porches or in someone’s stove,

They’re scared and they’re friendless,

The cat tale is endless

When whole cats are allowed out to rove.


Amber and Whisper asked me to thank you for listening.


Leonard Rizzo is the founder of Lennie’s kids, a non-profit organization that helps sick and injured animals in the Foothills, promotes animal welfare, and works to find homes for pets.