Little things mean a lot

Published 8:00 am Thursday, March 2, 2023

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In many ways, our animals are very much like us humans, especially when it comes to illnesses and injuries. Something as small as a minor scratch, if left untreated, could possibly become infected and cause serious problems. Even little things like a runny nose or a slight cough, if not tended to, may become far more serious.


Countless cases of animals that I’ve helped fall into this category. Little things were just let go, sometimes due to ignorance, often lack of funds because of a financial setback.  

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This was Luna’s problem last week and I can vouch it was nothing more. As I said, it warmed my heart to help this wonderful caring family. But the other side of the coin also holds true, some people are just lazy or uncaring. I can only pray that we can reach some of them so that these animals that cannot speak for themselves can get some relief.


Last week, I was contacted by a nice young couple who rescued a young dog (4 months old at the time) from a distant relative. Axle, who is now around 6 months, is a Golden Labrador Retriever mix.  


Axle was malnourished and bones were showing when this sweet couple took him in and nourished him back into shape. Then, around two weeks ago, Axle began to vomit and had diarrhea. Axle was brought to Landrum vet and the young couple paid for his evaluation. It was learned that Axle had the dreaded Parvovirus. 


I was called to assist in any way I could, so I met with the family this past Monday. Due to the many animals I’m around (including my own) I couldn’t pet the sweet boy. I took a few photos and told Landrum Vet I’d handle Axle’s treatment.


I’ve already settled up Axle’s bill thus far and I believe with his treatments and the care of these responsible people, he will be fine and I may get to love him up one day.


All the little things these people did for Axle were life-saving.  The first was to rescue him and build up his strength, which is important to help fight Parvo. Next, they immediately got him to a vet when he showed signs of something being wrong.


So here’s to Axle, one of my new kids. God has put you in the hands of the proper people and maybe when you are well and not so little anymore, you’ll let Uncle Lennie give you a big hug. 


Update: Axle is now Parvo free and the young couple and their son are a whole and healthy family again. Axle is another one of those pups that steals hearts wherever he goes. I couldn’t stop smiling watching Dr. Osbourne hugging him up.


Some other great news, Evelyn from “The good, bad and ugly,” has been adopted into a responsible and loving home; she joins Oasis as two more of my kids bringing joy to a caring family.


Thanks for listening.


Leonard Rizzo is the founder of Lennie’s Kids, a nonprofit organization that helps sick and injured animals in the Foothill, promotes animal welfare and works to find homes for pets.