Polk County Board of Commissioners’ March 17 agenda

Published 8:43pm Thursday, March 13, 2014

1. Call to order of the regular meeting – Chair Owens
2. Invocation – Commissioner Gasperson
3. Pledge of Allegiance – Commissioner Holbert
4. Approval of Agenda – Agenda items may be added and/or deleted at this time. Motion to approve.
5. Approval of minutes – Approval of the Feb. 10, 2014, economic development work session minutes, the March 3, 2014, public hearing and regular meeting minutes, and the March 6, 2014, economic development focus group review session minutes.  Motion to approve.
6. 2014 audit contract – Dixon Hughes – finance director Sandra Hughes will present the 2014 audit contract.  Citizen comments.  Motion to approve.
7. Budget amendment – Sandra Hughes, finance director, will present BA #68, recreation, $20,000 – transfer per interim director to more easily track supply spending.  Citizen comments.  Motion to approve.
8. Factory Mutual Insurance Company Global Fire Prevention Grant – Bobby Arledge, emergency management director, will present the information.  Citizen comments.
9. EMS 2014 ambulance proposal – Michael Crater will present the proposal.  Citizen comments.  Motion to approve.
10. Subdivision ordinance – The planning board recommends that the BOC amend and enact an ordinance to modify the subdivision ordinance to amend language of inconsistencies.  Cathy Ruth, planner, will present the information.  A public hearing may be set for April 7, 2014, at 7 p.m. in the R. Jay Foster Hall of Justice, Womack Building.  Citizen comments.  Motion to approve.
11. February tax refund request – Motion to approve.
12. Tax refund request – Motor vehicle error – Motion to approve.
13. Green River watershed information – Commissioner Gasperson asked that this item be place on the agenda for informational purposes.  Sky Conard of the Green River Watershed Alliance will present educational material related to the current potential Watershed IV reclassification.  Citizen comments.
14. Closed session minutes – To possibly unseal, redact, and release certain closed session minutes dating from Dec. 3, 2012, through May 20, 2013 (Batch #14-1).  County attorney Jana Berg will present the information.  Citizen comments.  Motion to approve.
15. Volunteer boards for vote – Board of equalization & review – 5 applications, 5 regular vacancies; Isothermal Planning & Development Commission – 1 application, 1 regular vacancy; Nursing Home Advisory Committee – 1 application, 2 regular vacancies.  Motion to approve.
16. Volunteer boards for review – Library Board of Trustees – 1 application, 1 regular vacancy; Mill Spring Fire District Tax Commission – 3 applications, 3 regular vacancies; Planning Board – 1 application, 1 regular at large vacancy.
17. Citizen comments on non-agenda items
18. Commissioner comments
19. Adjournment – Motion to adjourn.

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