Perkins competes at Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event

Published 5:20pm Wednesday, May 1, 2013

With Rolex being a four-star event, the environment is noticeably different than other horse shows, with a comfortable feeling of competitive camaraderie.

“The riders at Rolex are so supportive, and it’s so exciting to have the chance talk to some of the greatest riders in the world,” said Perkins.

Perkins, who has been riding horses her entire life, was a standout at an early age with the United States Equestrian Team in the early 1970s. Perkins has evented internationally and is well aware of the cost of the competition and the amount of stress it places on her horse, which is not fond of long distance travel. For this reason living and training near Tryon and traveling a relatively short distance to Lexington, makes Rolex Kentucky much more realistic.

“I love being close to my trainer, vets and supporters, all of which make Tryon and Rutherfordton a great place to live,” Perkins said. “The hills and valleys are so comfortable and I just love the benefits I receive from equine hydro/aquatred therapy (an equine rehab facility).”

Preparing for a high level event like Rolex, requires a massive amount of training and dedication, and while Perkins admittedly did well this year, she believes there is always room for improvement.

“I have a lot of homework to do in order to compete next year,” Perkins said. “I have to work on my jumping, overall speed, and I need to find a better bit (a piece of horse tack), one that provides a more balance for the horse. I have to improve every aspect of my cross-country technique, most especially my overall speed.”

Perkins is happy to be home from Kentucky.

“Sal always loses a little weight after these events, because he simply doesn’t feel like eating that much,” Perkins said.

Being home in Tryon will be the best place for both horse and rider to recharge and train for next year’s competition.

The Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event is one of four competitions that occur annually, which include Rolex Kentucky, Adelaide in Australia, Badminton and Burghley in England. For more information about Perkins, visit:

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