Our Visits to Bermuda

Published 2:28 pm Wednesday, July 10, 2024

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We went to Bermuda twice. First was at the invitation of friend Cindy, who had married a Navy pilot then stationed there. Cindy called in a favor and got the private guest house of the base commander for us!

Fran would not get a scooter but chose to ride on the back of mine. The speed limit everywhere is 25 miles/hour, and that scooter could not make it up the hills. We toured all of the islands nevertheless, but we did spend some time with Jim and Cindy.

One thing we discovered was the “world’s shortest drawbridge.” We found that there was one plank in the middle of the bridge that was hinged; you opened it and pulled the mast of your sailboat along the slit until your boat was on the other side.

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Our second visit was the destination of a cruise ship out of Norfolk. We took Fran’s Mom with us and enjoyed a small boat tour. The Captain waited fretfully for Marguerite (he had been told that an old lady was coming to board), but by the time we disembarked, they were fast friends. She had charmed the man completely! 

Fran and I attended a meeting of a Lions Club there. Lady Lion Alecia picked us up and took us to a fine restaurant. There, we enjoyed a fine meal (steak) and a delicious dessert of Crème Brulée. One of the Lions won a prize, which he promptly gave to Fran. It is a picture frame, which now has a photo of Fran and her Mom.

My emails include the sad news that my Tryon High classmate Christine Glover has died. Christine was my Prom date because our homeroom teacher, Mrs. Al Bowen, suggested that I ask Christine since neither of us had a date. Christine accepted, so I had the first and last dances with her.  

I have been visiting Christine in the White Oak Medical wing for more than 25 years. I stopped visiting recently. I saw many friends with dementia greet me warmly and share small talk until one day, they fell into the abyss and died soon after. 

I really miss my visits, and I suppose they do, too. In recent years, I always found Jane Edwards in the parlor putting together a jigsaw puzzle. I have the photographs we made of them when completed, using her cellphone.

Others I visited every Sunday afternoon for years include Phyllis Downe, Betty Pace, and Georgia Pace. I’m supposed to be able to remember everything, since I write the Remember When column in the Tryon Daily Bulletin.

A lady complained that I only write about dead people, but I counter that I am helping people remember some of the great folks who helped to make Tryon the little paradise that it is. Mr. Seth M. Vining Sr. told me that to have a successful newspaper, it should mention as many people as possible, and spell their names right!   

We have had no telephone service and no internet for more than a week. We got our phone service back, but still no internet .

Our internet was restored after three weeks. One of my bills was paid a week late online. At least I can send in my column to the Tryon Daily Bulletin on time. Some of us old folks are still active, ya should know! I write two columns and edit and publish two newsletters per month.

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