Landrum High School wins appeal to stay in class 2A

Published 9:25 am Friday, January 19, 2024

COLUMBIA—In a unanimous decision, the South Carolina High School League Executive Committee granted Landrum High School’s appeal to remain classified as 2A and avoid promotion to class 3A. 

The decision comes after the SCHSL released its reclassifications for the 2024-2026 school years in December, which resulted in several schools being reclassified. Landrum was among the affected schools, having been bumped from 2A to 3A due to the application of the 3x multiplier rule for the first time. 

The multiplier rule counts every student from outside a school’s ‘attendance zone’ as three students toward the total enrollment, primarily affecting private schools with more students living outside the primary attendance zone. 

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Landrum and 21 other schools in South Carolina filed an appeal for reclassification proposals from the SCHSL, including eleven schools from the Upstate. Several schools that Landrum competes against were also affected by the reclassification. 

Abbeville lost its appeal to move from 2A to 1A, while St. Joseph’s lost its appeal to move from 4A to 3A or 2A. Greer Middle College won an appeal from 4A to 3A, and Greenville Tech Charter won an appeal from 4A to 2A. 

The decision to grant Landrum’s appeal means that the school will continue competing in class 2A for the next two years.