Remembering Merle, Joe and Madelyn

Published 12:14 pm Wednesday, January 3, 2024

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Merle Greene was a great friend for whom I once charted a photo of Tryon Presbyterian Church for her to cross-stitch. I worked on limiting the yarn colors, but it still must have been a little much for her, as she never completed it. I had used a software design program and Fran’s folder containing all of the DMC floss colors. 

The church as originally built was designed to resemble a ship, but for me it was hard to visualize the little ship. A recent extensive remodel pretty well did away with the ship concept and a really useful building resulted. And I believe the church has outgrown its sanctuary!

I have sent in my usual Letter to the Editor about TubaChristmas® so I will not elaborate here. But I will mention the sickness of the tuba soloist in “O Holy Night” which meant that we did not get to hear the tuba sing!

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New friend Jay Hill told me that his brother, Joe, had passed away. They are/were sons of the late Martha Lee Jones Hill. Uncle Roy Jones was her father; he was one of my step-grandmother Mattie Sue Jones Holbert Rippy’s brothers. I am not really kin to that passel of Joneses, but I feel like I am. 

Aunt Edna and Aunt Nora often visited Mama Rippy; I remember their speaking of Aunt Dely (Cordelia) and Uncle Roy. Aunt Edna once said, “You may know me as Miss Jones, but I’ve not missed as much as you may think I have!” Aunt Nora played Chinese checkers with me as a young boy.

Our friends Don and Marguerite Pattie had a home in Green River Cove in which they summered. Marguerite liked nothing better than to invite a gaggle of their friends over for a meal of common food prepared uncommonly well by Marguerite. 

They are mentioned here because they knew Martha quite well, and Joe visited us here in White Oak a few weeks back. Don’t remember what all we talked about, but Joe and I both were a part of something! Of course I was flattered that Joe wanted to see ME!

We lost our beautiful friend Madelyn Dedmondt Meyer recently. When she returned here after her career as an R.N. she became a customer of the yarn shop and we enjoyed many visits with her. When she remarried and moved to Brevard, she came and sat with me while I waited at Brevard Hospital. Madelyn was a wonderful friend who truly loved everybody!  

My new friend Drew Hines wrote about the fire in the Morris house which was kept burning for well over a century. I remember it as the subject of a picture postcard available when I was a boy.

I had every intention of attending the Polk County Historical Association’s Night at the Museum, but I was too tired after a day filled with other errands. I just felt that I could not stand or walk among all those fine folks. 

I was taken to the hospital recently with a horrible hacking cough. I had to wait in the ER for two hours until a room was vacated for me; it was in the intensive care unit! The nurses had to help me get to the potty often; another took it upon herself to work on my breathing (I was admitted with pneumonia.) 

My illness was soon reclassified as bronchitis. I was still coughing incessantly, so I was surprised when they let me come home. Thomas Lerum brought Fran to get me since Fran does not drive. She brought me a full complement of clean clothes.

I have not left the apartment since I got home; son Thomas brought his friend since childhood, Claude, to visit and Thomas prepared a great breakfast for us. I had a fine visit with Claude as Thomas busied himself in the kitchen.     

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