Riding a bike everywhere

Published 1:08 pm Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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I was really happy when my Mom allowed me to buy a used bike from Marvin Edwards, Jr. when I was in Tryon School. Instead of walking home from work after school, I could hop on my bike and coast most of the way to Lynn. This also saved me about 30 minutes of walking.

I asked friend Henry Dixon to assemble a bike for me from his stock of used parts. Henry had a 20-ft square building behind his house, full of bicycle parts. I wanted another Western Flyer, similar to the one I had before. Henry obliged, and soon I was pedaling around Hampton on errands like getting our bakery treats on Sunday mornings.

The bike came here with me when I retired. I found that I was not equal to the hills around Columbus anymore, so the bike mostly took up space in the garage. I sold it when we moved across town to a smaller  4-room house. (I soon added two rooms and enclosed the patio! But that’s another story . . .)

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I have friends like John Cash who regularly ride their bikes all over. I believe their bikes are multi-geared lightweight ones, not the heavy single-speed one like I had.

When I leave our parking lot off Markham Road, I see the Marvin Edwards house in front of me. Marvin Sr. was our electrical appliance repairman and they raised several boys in that little house. I visited Mrs. Edwards shortly after we returned to the area. She was still a quite lovely lady and I enjoyed my short visit.

Now that I have given up tuning pianos, (sold my tools!) I think of all the pianos I used to tune in the houses and churches I drive past. I referred my clients to some of my tuner friends, so I hope the pianos are still being cared for. I really miss the visits with my fellow pianists who play those pianos.

Do you remember Whitney Blake and her Music in Landrum concert series? She has apparently left our area…I suppose other folks are now enjoying Whitney’s promotional talents. Our loss!

As this is being written on Sunday, we noted the first “frost on the pumpkin” today; rather, the frost was seen on the tops of dark-colored cars in our parking lot. Our outside thermometer read FREEZING at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter has arrived at last, so I will now commit to long-sleeved shirts and even a jacket when going outside.

Bojangles in Columbus was actually WARM inside yesterday when we geezers gathered. There were no diners there when I arrived well after daybreak (I always wait for daylight so I can see the road markings by natural light, not my headlights!) No Noreen to carry my tray and no Gene’s tomato slices to add to my sausage biscuit!

Buddy soon ambled in, followed by Frank, and later Gene and finally Larry. Dot, Bill and Noreen then filled their customary places along the wall, and Ralph appeared with his customary package of chocolate chip cookies.

I really miss seeing my friends in the Medical Wing here at White Oak. I have visited folks there for more than 25 years . . . I had to use a lady’s private bathroom last time, so I am not going to let that happen again. There was just too much walking and standing involved, so I have given up that visitation.         

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