Remembering Bobbi and Debra

Published 11:27 am Thursday, September 14, 2023

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I befriended Bobbi a few years back. I read one of her books and went to her apartment to “set a spell” and visit. I often chatted with her as she waited for a ride in our parking lot.

I also attended a concert here at White Oak by her son Jay with a band. Jay is a world-class luthier, and made all of the guitars he played that day.

We also lost Debra Vehorn, daughter of fellow resident Dale. We met Deb at Dale’s birthday party and when she visited in our dining room. She was a happy person who spread joy wherever she went.

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I finally got to visit friends in Medical this week. Missed three Sundays, and had to wear a mask to get into the building this week. I do not like them, but I wore it anyway—Rules is rules! Found most of them “up” and therefore happy to see me. Some were gone, or asleep—par for the course.

Jane Edwards had had Covid so she had not completed the tough picture-puzzle she had started. It has a thousand little pieces in about 24 x 36 inches. But she is determined to put together at least the subject portion of the picture.

Lived through a rather trying day recently. I suppose that most older folks have trying days sometimes.

Mine started with getting a shot in my right eye; intended to arrest progression of wet macular degeneration. Several of us got the new medicine and all of us experienced more hurt and it persisted longer. C’est la vie, especially if you are more than 90 years old!

The new strain of Covid is running rampant here at White Oak, but so far Fran and I are OK. Fran arranged for Jackie to transport me yesterday and again today. I was especially glad yesterday; today was just a pleasant ride to Hendersonville and back with our pretty lady medical driver. Fortunately, Jackie is a very good driver, so no nail-biting or screeching.

Jackie must enjoy taking me, since she adds my coming appointments to her log book! Jackie has been an ambulance driver, so that was a plus on her resume when she applied for this job. I shall never forget my ride in a Polk County ambulance to Asheville for my first quadruple bypass surgery.

I was on a gurney, with my head supported so that I could see out the back window. My driver was a newly hired young lady from New York! I remember watching many semi-trailer trucks, all backing up rapidly in the right lane! She got me to Asheville in less than thirty minutes . . . nurse was waiting for me in a room in Mission Hospital.

I dutifully had another heart attack before morning, confirming my need for emergency surgery. Not enough of an emergency to ride in MAMA, though. I just got a pleasant ride and nice visit with the EMT guy, who had told me about our driver.

I am always grateful for all these wonderful people who have trained to get us where we need to go and to administer whatever aid we need to make our lives more normal. They master the specialized tools necessary for the task at hand, whether it be machinery, tools, or words of comfort.

I trained to design airplanes and taught Sunday School for many years. So I hope I have done my part to fulfill my obligation to my fellow humans. I also hope I have earned the right to rest for the time I have left above ground!