Remembering Judy and Laural

Published 11:47 am Wednesday, August 16, 2023

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I learned recently that Dr. Judy Ann Cloud, a beautiful daughter of the late Russell and “Inky” Cloud of Tryon, has passed away at her home in Arizona. I did not know her, but I sure wish I had! I did know and love her Mom; also had met Russell and some of their other daughters.

Also have to mention one of our residents who passed away more recently: Laural Brown. I used to kid her about having an “l” at both ends of her name. She was a friendly sort; we have missed her of late in our dining room. Our cleaning lady now has her car, since she gave up driving.

Most of you know that I have an early breakfast on Saturday mornings with the other older folks gathered at Bojangles. We used to meet at Hardees (Cocula there now); when we found that closed abruptly, we moved to McDonald’s. We were pleased when owner Dave put in a large oval table in our corner to accommodate most of us.

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The new owner remodeled McDonald’s so extensively that we moved to the new Bojangles when it opened. One of our guys tried the “new” McDonald’s; found a kiosk just inside the door. He tried twice to order his breakfast, without success, so he came on up to Bojangles. There we order from a young PERSON at the register.

I always understood that you don’t bring FOOD into a restaurant. Ralph Bellamy brings cookies which everyone pounces on and enjoys. Gene Owens brings sliced tomatoes, which we add to our sandwiches. But Jim McCain often brings a big package of special chips and a big bowl of dip for them!

Larry Hodge knows everyone in Polk County and usually contributes to discussions as to who is kin to whom. We don’t have Glenn Burgess, Howard Williams, or George Price anymore because they are deceased. Burgess made millions in the garbage business and shared his wealth quietly with deserving people. Howard and Ken are direct descendants of the celebrated “Old Bill” Williams, identified on a Historical marker at the Courthouse. So you see that I am in distinguished company as our gang assembles at Bojangles in Columbus!

When Fran and I were in Arizona, I waded through a foot of snow to photograph the statue of “Old Bill;” when I gave the photo to Howard, he said he had been there. A similar marker identifies “Old Bill’s” statue.  

It seems that there is “road work” going on everywhere these days. The signs accompany closed lanes or detours. There are miles of Jersey barriers on I-26 between Hendersonville and Asheville. I assume that the new roadway will have three lanes each way to accommodate more traffic. Will it all start over again when this work is completed? Probably!

One of our ladies referred to my shoes as “penny loafers.” Indeed they are, so I suppose that I’d better insert some shiny new coppers into them. Nah, I think maybe the pennies should be old ones like the shoes. Like maybe I had put the pennies in when the shoes were new. Yeah, that is more appropriate. Well, that did not work . . . these shoes are not stitched there, and the penny just slid on through and out! 

We joined son Thomas at Hendersonville’s Cracker Barrel for breakfast this morning. Actually, we joined dozens of people milling about, waiting to be seated. I found a chair in the little hall in front of the restrooms (called “Necessary” at Colonial Williamsburg), so I directed the ladies to my left and the men to my right. I grinned at them and they smiled and thanked me.

I have fun wherever I go, even to the dentist (lovely ladies in that office!)