More benefits of bone broth

Published 11:16 am Tuesday, July 18, 2023

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Last week we learned a few of the valuable culinary uses for bone broth, but did you know bone broth holds amazing healthful properties? That’s right, bone broth and stock have been utilized worldwide for over 2,800 years for their therapeutic value. Again, the difference between stocks, broths, and bone broth should be noted. 

Traditionally, stocks and broths are made by boiling aromatic vegetables or animal bones for three to four hours. However, the process of producing bone broth involves the simmering of bones, sometimes with vegetables, for at least 48 hours. This extended period of time breaks down bones to release more essential elements, thus concentrating their nutrients. 

Bone broth improves joint health, as it contains glucosamine and chondroitin. Glucosamine is an amino sugar and a natural component of cartilage, the tough tissue that cushions joints. Chondroitin is a substance found in connective tissue that stimulates cartilage’s repair mechanisms. 

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Bone broth is the perfect drink for most seniors because it hydrates while imparting valuable nutrients. It’s easy to digest and won’t fill you up, so it shouldn’t interfere with normal caloric consumption for those with poor appetite. It’s also a great source of protein. 

The consumption of bone broth has also been linked to better gut health. The gelatin in bone broth assists with the breakdown and absorption of nutrients, while the collagen found in bone broth helps heal the lining of the digestive tract which may be beneficial to those with conditions like leaky gut syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. 

It also leads to an enhanced immune system. Bone broth is rich in amino acids glycine, proline, arginine and glutamine, which all produce anti-inflammatory effects. The glucosamine and gelatin found in bone broth assist digestion, which in turn strengthens the immune system. It contains collagen, a protein that adds structure to hair, skin, nails and connective tissue. It is sometimes used in its purified form for cosmetic surgical treatments. The high-quality protein and minerals in bone broth are essential for nail health and strength. 

Also, minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and chloride found in bone broth help replenish the body’s electrolyte balance.  

I actually have many of my clients and athletes I coach consume bone broth. It’s got more protein than milk per ounce, very little fat and isn’t as filling. Since bone broth is simmered for such an extended period of time, its valuable nutrients inundate the water for a more efficient nutrient delivery system. It actually makes the perfect pre and post-competition sports drink. It makes you feel fuller longer so you eat less.

So, consider bone broth. In addition to its strengthening and healing properties, it makes food taste phenomenal.  It is literally “steeped in tradition.” 

David Crocker is a nutritionist and master personal trainer. Questions? Email David at or text to 864-494-6215.