Meet the winemaking team at Mountain Brook Vineyards 

Published 10:00 am Saturday, December 10, 2022

In August, David Coventry arrived to take the job as head winemaker at Mountain Brook Vineyards, located at 731 Phillips Dairy Rd, Tryon, in the Green Creek area of Polk County. In just a short time, he is already making an impact on the local winemaking community with the goal of expanding the wine culture of the area.

While working in Monterrey, California, for the last 25 years at vineyards large and small, David developed a resume as an award-winning winemaker. When contacted by Jonathan and Victoria Redgrave, the owners of Mountain Brook Vineyards, David wasn’t sure what to expect. It didn’t take long for him to decide this was an area he could make an impact. They spoke for the first time on a Wednesday, and by Sunday, he’d accepted the position as head winemaker. 

“If someone had blindfolded me and not told me where I was, I might have thought I was back home in California. And I could tell right away this was the perfect area to create world-class wine,” David says. “They say the better the view, the better the wine, which certainly applies to Mountain Brook.”

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David and Assistant Winemaker Andrew Gorczyca are committed to making excellent wine. In 2021, they replanted nearly 25,000 vines across seventeen acres and have taken a hands-on approach to their craft. Andrew points out, “We’ve seen tremendous growth and invested in making sure everything is right. The sun, soil, vines, everything is in place, all with the goal of expanding and jump-starting the wine culture of the area.” 

They work alongside David Hobbs, another recent high-profile hire out of New York. He provides the raw product that allows Coventry and Gorczyca to apply their craft. “Hobbs comes from a family of growers, so grapes are in his genes,” says Coventry. 

“At Mountain Brook, we’ve taken a classical approach. Everything is done by hand. There is no automation.” David adds, “We have created an A-team of individuals and want to be a resource for others in the community, all working together with wine enthusiasts and the other vineyards in a supportive way.” 

Mountain Brook Vineyards first opened in 2002 and was purchased by the Redgraves in 2018. The Vineyard is a little over a mile from the Tryon Equestrian Center and has added numerous facilities in recent years, including a separate wedding and outdoor event space. Tasting rooms and tours are available by appointment. 

The Vineyard is open seven days a week from noon to 6 p.m. and till 7 p.m. on Friday. 

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