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Containing my excitement

Letter to the Editor

I could barely contain my excitement when I heard about the new Taco Bell coming to Columbus. After all, we have three auto parts stores, so why not another fast-food restaurant?

Here is a novel idea, how about something healthy like Panera Bread or Zoe’s Kitchen, or something upscale like a Fleming’s steakhouse – you know, white linen tablecloths and elegant wine glasses.
I also got giddy with anticipation and excitement thinking that Whole Foods or Fresh Market was coming to town instead of the Tractor Supply Co. Now do not get me wrong, I’m glad I can pick up clevis pins without having to drive to Hendersonville, but I would suffer that drive to have better local food options.
Still, I have heard more excitement is on the way – lightning fast broadband and 5G cell service. It is coming, right?

Ian McDonald

Mill Spring