My thoughts on a recent LTTE

Published 7:39 pm Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Letter To the Editor

I whole-heartedly agree with the TDB’s headline to a recent letter to the editor, namely, “Following Facts Not Fear, Could Reunite a Divided Country.” In it the author accuses Andy Millard of making assertions regarding children and masking without citing any facts at all. Then the author goes on to do likewise. He declares “that all peer reviewed studies and even the NIH has said that masks offer negligible help… and should not be put on children.” That led me to visit the NIH website to see where that was said. What I found there was an article about a peer reviewed study titled “Collaborating in North Carolina.” It described research done in our state to determine how to safely return students to classrooms during Covid 19.  It states: “As schools reopen… the data supports that masking or vaccination are the most effective ways to prevent transmission… If you want to be safe and prevent transmission, the best way is to have a mask mandate.” The fact is that Polk County started the fall school term without such a mandate and then several schools had to close due to Covid outbreaks.

Like the letter’s author, I too am a Christian. I believe God uses human agents to accomplish his purposes. The Bible is all about how God has used Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Moses, David, the Prophets, the Apostles, among others, and, supremely, Jesus of Nazareth to redeem the world God made and loves. Now God is inspiring the work of science and scientists to bring healing and protection from Covid 19. And that, I believe, is a fact.

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David Hosick