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The Stony Knoll Community Library celebrates 83 years


On August 24, 2020, the Stony Knoll Community Library will celebrate its 83rd Anniversary. This library has been a fixture in the Stony Knoll and Polk County Community since 1937.

The theme for this 83rd Anniversary is “Stony Knoll Community Library, a Place that Matters”. Because of Covid-19 and its restrictions, we will celebrate the 83rd Anniversary by having a “Day of Remembering”. We will remember the Stony Knoll Community Library in our hearts and minds.

We are asking the “Friends and Supporters of the Stony Knoll Community Library” to think good thoughts and recall good memories about the Stony Knoll Community Library on this “Day of Remembering”. We are thankful that the Stony Knoll Community Library has existed for 83 years serving the community as a library, meeting place, place for entertainment events, theater, place for concerts, place for programs and a museum.

The library is operated and managed by the Stony Knoll Community Library Board of Directors and it is a non-tax supported institution. In 1972 the Stony Knoll Community Library was incorporated and received a charter from the state of North Carolina.

The library is located in Mill Spring on Fox Mountain Road. It was founded on August 24, 1937 by Mrs. Della Hayden Davenport Jackson. She was a librarian, teacher, principal, a church worker, a community activist, wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

Repairs are currently being done to the library, including replacing the old roof with a new one. The trees have been trimmed and the grass cut. The library and it grounds look very good.

In June, some vandalism took place at the Library. Windows and doors were broken, and books were thrown over the floor.

We thank all who contributed which will help with the repairs and other maintenance work that will be done. We are grateful to Mrs. Susannah Somers Hogan for taking the lead on this project.

The library is currently a museum. Visitors are able to come and tour the library that serviced the Africans Americans in rural Polk County from 1937 through the 1960’s.

The Stony Knoll Community Library is really “A Place that Matters”.

To learn more, call 828-894-5891.


Submitted by Mae Carolyn Jackson Williams