Cranky Aunt Julia’s Victory Garden report

Published 11:42 am Monday, July 20, 2020

Well, folks, after yelling at everyone to grow vegetables for Outreach Ministries, I thought it only fair to report on my own pot garden.  (No, not that kind.)

My 5’ by 9’ balcony with its 10 tomato, 8 cucumber and 17 squash plants has produced a grand total of 4 yellow squash so far.  There are now three pickling cucumbers that I think are ready for harvest.  Honestly, I’m not sure. Can you tell some of this new to me?

But I think the grand prize-winner is my first tomato. It has been hanging there pretty much the same size, with absolutely no sign of ripening for three or four weeks. Now, I’ve grown tomatoes before – lots of them. But this one is a mystery. I think there’s only one explanation. It’s destined to be the world’s oldest fried green tomato.

Just a word of warning: when the little tags that come with the plants say 50 to 60 days until maturity, you can’t always believe it. We’re currently at 110 days with my first plants. I’ll let you know when I have a real harvest; presumably some time around Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, if you think you’re off the hook at summers’ end, think again. I’m consulting with the one person in the state, perhaps the Southeast, who knows more about growing things than anyone — John Vining.

John is one of the reasons that downtown looks so beautiful. There is hardly a day goes by that John is not downtown weeding, pruning or watering everyone’s plants. He also sweeps the curb to keep debris from accumulating in the drains.

So, I’m asking John what we will need to plant for the Fall harvest. That’s right: Fall. Told you that you weren’t off the hook.

Just remember how good you’re going to feel helping to feed our county’s children. Even if it’s just one ancient fried green tomato.

By the way, there are three tiny tomatoes on the other oldest plant. So, fried green tomatoes for everyone!


Submitted by Julia Calhoun