The shame of indecent rhetoric

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The media has been fulminating nonstop about the so-called crisis concerning separation of families at the border.

This situation was exacerbated by the Obama administration’s failure to enforce the law, one passed in 2008 and signed by George W. Bush. This failure encouraged “migrants” to put their families at risk.

American citizens who broke the law and put their children at such terrible risk would face separation and multiple criminal charges. Democrats and the media don’t acknowledge these facts; instead, they engage in indecent rhetoric, comparing President Donald Trump and his supporters to Adolf Hitler and Nazis.

Shame on them and others who mindlessly parrot these views. Ignorance of the truth and a lack of historical knowledge doesn’t excuse this disgusting rhetoric.

So-called celebrities have suggested that the President’s son be ripped from his mother and thrown in a cage with pedophiles, alleged comedians hurl vile epithets at President Trump and Melania Trump, and washed-up rock stars dream of blowing up the White House.

Now that the President has issued an executive order to stop the separation of the illegal immigrant families, the Democrats and their media allies will stop the overblown rhetoric, right? Of course not!

I am not going out on a limb when I predict that the hatred spewed out against President Trump will not stop. As long as Donald Trump is president, it will continue to be redirected to another issue in transparent attempts to deflect attention from the president’s successes and the failure of Obama administration lackeys to sabotage President Trump’s candidacy and subsequent presidency.

Watch for the increase in vitriol as the midterm elections approach.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media ignores the abuses committed by the Obama FBI and Department of Justice leaders and the evaporation of the “Russia collusion “ hoax. 

Eugene Comiskey,