Special Cases: Past, present and future

Published 8:00 am Friday, June 22, 2018


Seven years ago, a little 5 pound Chihuahua was brought to Dr. Raines at Landrum vet.

The little girl was a bit over a year old and very pregnant with an oversized pup trying to be born. A cesarean section was performed, and large pups were extracted. There wasn’t any doubt that, without intervention, all three would have succumbed. 

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The person who brought her in never returned, so her two pups were neutered and homes were found for them. Angel (the name given to our little hero) was given to a very special young lady who suffers seizures.


I ran into Kay Davis at Landrum vet with her sister and mother. Kay was holding little Angel in her arms.   

Angel is now 8 years old and all of 7 pounds. 

“Hello, Mr. Rizzo” Kay said. 

“Hi sweetheart, how’s little Angel doing?” 

“She’s fine Mr. Rizzo. She taught herself to be a seizure dog for me and she’s the best therapy dog at the clinic.” 

I hugged Kay and gave Angel a kiss. “Good work girl.”

Inside, I related to Dr. Donna our exchange.  Donna smiled and told me, “That dog is her whole life.”

Later that evening, I received a phone call from Kay. 

“Mr. Rizzo, can you do something for me?” 

“If it’s in my power sweetheart, you bet I will.” 

“Can you get me a therapy coat for my little Angel?” 

As tears erupted, I struggled to hold my composure. “Give me time, dear, and your wish will be granted.” 

As we speak, the vest in on order and I promise a photo of Kay and Angel when it arrives.

In April, I told the tale “House cats for our vets,” telling of J.J. at Landrum vet, Tiger at Bonnie Brae and Gabe, the greeting cat at P3 in Landrum. Sweet Gabe succumbed to his kidney problems this week, and the world’s greatest greeting cat will be sorely missed.

A freak accident caused the demise of Snoop Dog, a wonderful 19-year-old that I was told was the most loving and loyal dog that ever existed. I helped the family receive his ashes, and I recently spent a few hours with Al and Sybil, talking of the wonderful relationship and through it all how blessed they were to have 19 years with him.


Last week’s tale featuring little Tucker, the tea cup Yorkshire Terrier, has elicited many inquiries on how he’s doing. I cannot believe a dog so tiny can capture my heart so thoroughly. 

He is on seizure medicine, and needs to be on it for at least two weeks before we can take him for a scheduled MRI. Meanwhile, I see him daily and if I, Patti Peake and all other people who are entrusted with his care have any say about it, we’ll find a way to give him a great future. 

He had another seizure recently, but so far, he bounces back with gusto.

Prayers are always welcome.

Thanks for listening.