Special Cases: Lost causes

Published 8:00 am Friday, June 15, 2018

Every now and then, a certain special case will remind me of a case that I’ve handled in the past.

This week, I’ve been thinking of sweet Jewel who has come and gone but oh, what a glorious life she lived when it seemed all hope was gone!

Snuggles is a 4-year-old orange tabby tomcat that had a severe blockage. Urinary blockages in toms are often fatal, and Snuggles’ poor owners needed help.


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I took the poor boy’s case on and checked on him daily at Landrum vet.

“Do whatever you think is best for that handsome boy and bill Lennie’s Fund,” I said.

On the sixth day, Snuggles’ cage was empty and, with a heavy heart, I asked, “What happened with Snuggles?”

Dr. Donna Raines, who is used to my antics, gave me a radiant smile and said, “He went home Lennie. His blockage cleared and he began acting like a kitten again.”   

“Bless you doc,” I said tearfully.

“Right back at you,” Donna laughed.

Donna took on a 10-week-old Yorkie that was having heart problems and seizures. Patti Peake, a rescuer extraordinaire, had gotten him from a breeder who said “if you can save him, you can have him.”

I was brought in to assist financially if I could. When I met little Tucker, 10 weeks old and no more than a pound in weight, I immediately thought of Jewel.

I held the feisty little pup in my hands and said, “You do whatever is necessary and, if I don’t have enough money, I will raise it.”

Tucker rewarded me by nipping my lip when I tried to kiss him. I laughed, “Sorry little fella, I forgot that you’re a terrier.”

Tucker has a weak heart and suffers from seizures. Dr. Lara has taken him home on weekends, and I was told he had a bad seizure last Sunday. In between, he’s normal and playful (ala Jewel) and all sorts of blood tests have been given to him, along with whatever meds are necessary.

I OK’d a $1,800 MRI at Upstate Specialists, and we’ll see what that reveals.

I do not hold the fact that he nipped my lip against him — I see him everyday and offer my love and prayers. I tell him that I’ve enlisted the good Lord and many of his angels to assist us.

With them on our side, there aren’t any lost causes.

Thanks for listening.