Supporters of 108 project should acclimate to Polk roads, not try to change them

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, June 6, 2018

I’ve resisted writing my opinion over the Highway 108/Lynn road expansion, however, several letters with misunderstandings of the issues have pushed me to respond.

The proposed Department of Transportation 108 expansion and bike lane/walking paths project are two separate projects. The DOT project expansion proposes 4-foot shoulders on each side. Bike lanes are 5 feet. 

Over 2,000 people are against the DOT expansion of 4 feet, therefore we can safely conclude they would object to 5-foot bike lanes.

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It might surprise you to learn cyclists are part of our group. Those who have attended all the meetings and many who are part of the Facebook group I started have learned a great deal.

Mr. Holcomb, as a former pupil of yours, you might remember me as stubborn and tenacious. Not much has changed.

I’ve helped organize a large, laser-focused group. We are banding together as neighbors and community members.

Thousands of letters have been written, hundreds have attended meetings. We have studied, listened…. learned!

Taking personal property to please a small group who aren’t attending these meetings is far from “for the greater good.”

We are a rural community, and would like to remain as such. Per North Carolina law, Highway 108 already accommodates cyclists. They get the full lane.

Ms. Leibfried, since you so strongly favor this expansion and taking of others’ properties, please donate your land for paved lanes and allow the cyclists to ride upon your yard instead of hurting your neighbors. 

If you love this community and living here, acclimate, don’t try to change one of the biggest draws of the area. Rails to trails has been visited many times.

The railway won’t give up the land therefore others will have to give up theirs alongside the tracks. This is far from a win-win — it’s a LOSE for anyone with property along these areas.

Why should folks give up property for others leisure? It’s un-American!

Olivia Pleasants Whiteside,