TFAC to host the 2015 Tryon International Film Festival

Published 10:00 pm Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Barry Flood’s Tryon Theatre will continue to be a major screening venue for both the 2015 Tryon International Film Festival and future independent film screenings.

Barry Flood’s Tryon Theatre will continue to be a major screening venue for both the 2015 Tryon International Film Festival and future independent film screenings.

The streets of Tryon will be buzzing with activity during the two-day film festival scheduled for Oct. 9 and 10. A collection of independent films from around the world will be screened at three venues, including the Tryon Fine Arts Center (TFAC), Tryon Theatre and The Depot Room.  Industry breakout sessions featuring discussions about cinematography, acting and screenwriting will take place at each venue along with social gatherings.

For the last few months the Polk County Film Initiative (PCFI) has been receiving films from around the globe via FilmFreeway, a premier film festival submissions service. Industry buzz of the inaugural event is growing due to the cross promotion between the Gwinnett International Film Festival and the filmmakers already scheduled for the event.

For many, the thought of attending a film festival generates high-dollar images of the most noteworthy film festivals held in far off places like Cannes, Berlin, Utah and Venice. But with the cost of major motion picture production skyrocketing, the independent (indie) film industry has emerged with results of exceptional quality and incredible content.

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Indie filmmakers are defined as those who produce most, if not all, of a film outside of a major production studio. The resulting grassroots products are spectacular films with a brand new field of talent never before seen in cinematic art. The era of the glamorous movie star with the multimillion dollar price tag has eroded the motion picture food chain all of way from the top named studios to the small town theaters in the quiet little towns and suburbs.

Reaching a plateau and seemingly taking a step backwards are Stephen Spielberg, James Cameron and Peter Jackson with total box office revenues approaching $10 billion. A vast and ever growing audience of hungry movie streamers are abandoning theaters altogether and are settling in with the indie film market on their couches at home. This shifting trend from one side of the film chasm to the other has opened up a golden pathway for lower cost movie production.

During the days leading up to the start of the film festival, the residents of Tryon can expect to see many independent filmmakers arriving, meeting with people and preparing for the event. On tap are Frank Calo, a New York City independent film producer; Daniel Espeut, a Georgia-based filmmaker, Chris and Emily White from Greenville, S.C.; Nikki Braendlin, a filmmaker from Los Angeles; and Raleigh-grounded filmmaker, Rob Underhill.

PCFI has designed a unique film festival experience that showcases the town of Tryon as the nucleus of the event. TFAC has been designated as the host venue for social gatherings, gala events and staged film productions. For more information visit, or visit the Polk County Film Initiative on Facebook.

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