It’s all worthwhile

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, May 1, 2014


When I first saw Aurora I thought to myself, “What could be different about her, another sweet and beautiful Pit?  I’ve worked with, helped and written about many just like her.”  Like many before her, she tugged at my heart and I learned years ago from sweet Patches, there’s always room for one more when brought before me.
Aurora wasn’t quite a year old, never had any shots, ever been spayed and as we learned later, was pregnant.  I will not go into the particulars of how or why but she’d been shot and had three bullets in her.  Frankly I’m just weary of all the explanations.
When she looked up at me I recognized a look in her eyes I’d seen countless times before.  She was wary and wanted so much to be trusting and her eyes were saying, “Will you be kind to me and not hurt me?”  I knelt down, gently embraced her and whispered to her, “You were sent to me by a higher power, I will not let you or Him down.”  I was rewarded with two quick licks to my face, (I call it sugar) as marble size tears escaped from my eyes and another bond was sealed.
Midst all else that is going on; I’ve tried to keep you updated on her progress and wish to once again thank all those who assisted in her case.
Two weeks ago Aurora (now Rory) was adopted by a nice gentleman named Jim, who has two other dogs.  Upon learning of the adoption I immediately set up an appointment to pay a visit, which Jim readily accommodated
It was an extremely satisfying visit as Rory showed off her new brother and sister and especially Jim, her new dad.  She gave me all the time I asked for, thoroughly washing my face but as Jim and I spoke, she laid by his feet.
I had noticed she was limping a little and favoring the leg where she’d been shot in the shoulder.  Jim and I figured it was because of all the running she’d been doing in his back yard.  Never the less he promised to have her checked out the next day.
I didn’t get to the vets until later the next afternoon and learned that Jim and Rory had already been there. Dr. Lara told me that Rory had healed just fine but was given some anti-inflammatory pills to ease swelling when she over does it.  “You should have seen her Lennie,” the young doc said, “she spent the whole time laying at Jim’s feet.”  I laughed; knowing that besides me Dr. Lara was the one Rory was most attached to.  “She’s a triple threat,” I replied, “beautiful, loving and smart too.”
One final word, if I may, dogs like Rory are not the exception, they are the rule.  Perhaps if we could find more loving owners like Jim, this magnificent breed will have a better chance at a good life they so richly deserve.
On behalf of Aurora, Macho, Patches, Soldier and so many others,
Thanks for listening

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