Department of Social Services (DSS) building not a political football

Published 9:56 am Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We’re obviously not engineers, so we’ll refrain from putting our foot in our mouth as to whether or not drastic measures are needed to fix problems with Polk County’s Department of Social Services building.

Should the floors be ripped up to place new pipe or could issues be corrected with a specialized flushing system? Those answers must be left up to professionals.

Therefore, we’re pleased to see the county commission moving forward with hiring a professional consultant to make that determination.

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It’s unfortunate the county spent so much money in an effort to build a state of the art, LEED certified facility, only to probably have to spend more money to trouble-shoot said building’s issues. But that is where we are and we need to move in a positive direction of getting the building up and running properly.

The contractors should have done a better job to ensure the work was done correctly and in the end this editorial staff thinks those contractors should make the issues right. This is where the blame should fall.