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Department of Social Services (DSS) building not a political football

What we don’t like is the, “It’s a terrible mess, “No, it’s not that bad,” “I tried to tell you,” “We’re not blaming you,” “Oh yes you are” political football game going on inside commission meetings.

We cannot say it any more plainly – citizens are tired of government being turned into a power play. What citizens want is for leaders to step up and take care of problems with logical, permanent and yes, cost-effective solutions.

These professional consultants might come back and say the flush system would work for the sewer issues; they might also come back say the only solution is to rip up the pipe and start over. If the latter is the case, it doesn’t prove the democratic majority of the last commission did something wrong – they’re not engineers either. What it ultimately would mean is the contractors did not do their jobs appropriately and therefore the mistake is on them.

So, let’s leave the football on the high school field, turn in our helmets and pads and work in a professional manner to get things done.

There’s plenty of other important decisions to be made right around the corner.

– Editorial staff, Tryon Daily Bulletin