Making beautiful music together

Published 4:52 pm Monday, August 5, 2013

They loved having fun together. Both of them have become integral to the Art Farm activities founded by Mike and Finn Odle, and they went to the Lake Eden Arts Festival as playful puppeteers.

“We’d strap on drums with puppets and backpacks; Jon had his guitar, and there was a 20-foot puppet. We danced, creating a magical fairyland for a moment, and then we moved on,” McCallum said.

Before long, wedding bells were ringing. Rain pelted their outdoor wedding, but umbrellas and good spirits made it work. Their friendship and sense of shared fun has sustained them. One friend, a co-worker at CooperRiis, even helped their plans by sharing her own haven on Molokai in Hawaii, as their honeymoon retreat.

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Cavin had shared his sledding spots, and McCallum shared her love of scuba diving. They had so much fun together on the island they have decided to name their farm “Little Molokai.”

“I had a lot of love here growing up here in a tight community,” Cavin said. “Locals move away sometimes, and I’d like to help make it a place that locals want to come back to, the way I did. Several generations of family before me have helped me to grow to be the person I am, and I want to pass it on, homesteading, playing music for fun, being there for others.”

Cavin and McCallum have worked together at CooperRiis ever since they met, and their shared pleasures continue to grow every day. Cavin, who shares McCallum’s love of gardening and cooking, works in many supportive capacities, a jack of all trades, and McCallum has become a sous chef.

“We both like planting the seeds of health and watching them grow,” McCallum said. “We may not realize how much what you say or do will matter to people later. We share the goal in life of finding ultimate balance with all the things we love, and turning other people onto them. Working and playing together makes a more meaningful life.”