Janeane Reagan helps riders find their zone of peak performance

Published 9:32 am Thursday, June 20, 2013

Reagan said that there is a unique mind vs. body connection, and the more people understand what is going on in their thought processes the better they can changes what happens in their bodies.  Breaking bad habits while adopting new ways of doing things are both challenging and frustrating, but Reagan suggests that drastic improvements are possible through her methods.

Using her fist and fingers as a model, Reagan described the concept of neuroplasticity, and how the human brain is not a static organ; that neural pathways constantly change as a result of emotion and stress.  She said the more people understand brain science, the more individuals can overcome the barriers that block human development and stifle success.

Reagan has just published a book titled “Rein In Your Brain,” which is available on Amazon.com. More information about Janeane Reagan, PhD can also be found on her website: www.yourmindmatters.net.

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