The house guest

Published 9:31 am Monday, April 15, 2013



Time and events often interfere with my ability to relate tales as they unfold. I intended to write Spikes’ final tale but time caught up with me, be patient all you lovers of my little friend, all turned out well.

On June 6 a litter of kittens were born in a foster home.  All had upper respiratory problems and succumbed one by one, but one little male hung on. With care he grew stronger and overcame the problems that took his siblings.

He was named Tybal and except for reading the foster charts at Foothills Humane Society, I knew nothing of him.  Tybal began having trouble with his left eye and Dana Meyer called and asked if my fund would handle his care. I trust Dana implicitly and if she asks, I am there.  There is a reason why she’s on the board of my tax-free Major Case Fund.

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Tybal has a home and a loving family is waiting for him in Massachusetts but he cannot travel till his eye clears up. Last month Elaine and I became his new foster parents and we fell instantly in love. Tybal is a squirming, loving, purring ball of energy that just can’t get enough attention. Tybal’s eye worsened and unfortunately it had to be removed which wasn’t a problem at all for his adopters.