Spike from pain to love

Published 12:07 pm Friday, March 22, 2013

I then left the clinic and went outside to pray, “Please give me the strength Lord to curb my anger and to focus on the task laid before me.”

Later that evening Dr. Raines called and told me that they’d x-rayed Spike and determined that the operation was far too delicate for her facility.

“Can’t we help him Donna; I couldn’t bear to lose another one?”

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“I’ve sent the x-rays to Upstate,” said Donna. “I have lots of faith in Keith, he’s become a good friend.”

The next morning (a Saturday) I met with Danielle Scruggs who was there for Buster but got to meet Spike for the first time. What came out of Danielle’s mouth in anger is not fit for the faint of heart to hear.

Dr. Raines set up an appointment with Dr. Allen at Upstate for 9:10 a.m. on Monday morning and she made it clear to Keith that Spike was one of Lennie’s kids.

There is so much to tell in Spike’s tale and I may fill in the gaps at a later date but for now here’s a quick rundown. Monday, operation successful, two plates to stabilize Spike’s jaw, Danielle and Elaine made the trip with me. Tuesday, Spike is held another day, tongue swollen and not eating yet. Wednesday, Spike eating up a storm, loves cat food, doing well, and six to eight weeks recovery. Wednesday afternoon after I get new tires and do my taxes I pick up Spike with my dear and patient wife, Elaine. Dr. Allen, bless his heart, has kept his fees down to a minimum so I only bought half the cow.  Just kidding, thanks Doc.

Today Dr. Raines and all her staff spend every free moment carrying Spike around, the pain is gone and all he knows is love.

I know the Good Lord doesn’t have anything to do with the harm that comes to His creatures but I believe He has a hand in what happens afterwards.

Danielle has posted both Spike and Buster on her web page. In Tennessee there is a 7-year-old boy who is now in remission from Leukemia. As soon as Spike is well enough, that boy and his mom will be coming down to meet him and take him home.

Dear Lord, I don’t know if this was the answer to my prayer, if so both I and all involved are humbled that we may be used to fulfill Your wishes.

Thanks for listening.