Spike from pain to love

Published 12:07 pm Friday, March 22, 2013

Spike and Lennie

Spike and Lennie

In the last three weeks more than $5,000 has been spent from my tax-free major case fund, with the bulk of it going for Spike.

I cannot reveal my anonymous donors but hopefully they’ll realize the esteem with which both my kids and I hold them.

Last week while visiting Buster, Elaine from Landrum Vet brought me back to meet Spike.

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“He’s a case the owner couldn’t afford, so Dr. Raines has taken him on,” Elaine told me.  I spotted Spike in his cage and froze in my tracks.

“What on earth happened to him?” I asked.

“The owner’s boyfriend tried to pull out an abscessed tooth and broke his jaw,” Elaine said.

I began to shake with anger, pity and out right frustration as tears freely escaped from my eyes.

“Tell Donna to do whatever she can for this poor boy and I’ll handle the fees,” I said.

“That’s not why I showed him to you,” Elaine said, also visibly shaken.

“Never the less, please do it dear.”

I subsequently learned Spike was a 7-year-old Chihuahua whose owner was going to put him to sleep because she couldn’t afford his care. Donna had Spike signed over to her with the stipulation that the owner relinquish all claim to him.

I opened the cage and held the poor little thing gently in my arms; he seemed to sense safety and nestled on my chest.

“I needed another case like yours like I needed a hole in the head,” I whispered as I kissed him. “I’m sure things will be revealed to me,” I went on as I placed him back in his cage.

“Please keep me informed on how he’s doing or if he needs anything,” I said, running toward Elaine.