Together forever

Published 4:26 pm Thursday, January 31, 2013

Our two old girls have been through much with our family.  Many dogs, cats, birds and ferrets have come and gone through their lives and though I’ve tried I never saw them using a cat bed.  These two girls are sisters, born of the same parents but one year apart.  Rojo was born in 1989 and Dolce’ in 90, you do the math.  For some reason they took to this new bed and not a moment goes by, day or night that I don’t find one or both of them in it.  They even share it with Tony, their brat little brother who came to us four years ago.  I love them all dearly and each get attention from me, but Rojo is my favorite.  She has always been and still is to this day, a surrogate mom to Dolce’.  This sweet beauty has dad wrapped around her finger.  When I turn my attention to her I’ll just say, “How’s my girl?” and she’ll immediately plop down and make what I call “ a pretty” and begin purring at the sound of my voice.  After dinner each evening Elaine and I sit down and watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.  When Rojo hears the music she begins purring and crawls up on the couch next to me and pokes me for attention.  This is her time and all the other animals defer to her.  Rojo will be on the arm of the couch and Dolce’ will lay behind my head.  I’ll stroke her and once in a while reach back and stroke Dolce’, producing stereo purring.  I’ll joke and say to Elaine, “turn up the volume.”  When it’s over I’ll say,” that’s it girl, now give daddy a kiss.”  I’ll purse my lips and Rojo gently places her nose between them, then the two girls saunter off as contented as I am.

I often hear the word that one of my kids has passed on and I’ll tearfully tell the owners, “unfortunately the good Lord only lends them to us.”  I fear that if I lose one of my girls, the other will soon follow for I believe they were meant to be together forever.

I will most certainly weep but till that time I am ever grateful that He has saw fit to lend them to me for so long.

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God bless and thanks for listening.