Together forever

Published 4:26 pm Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rojo and Dolce (photo submitted)

There are so many personal things going on that it’s difficult to wrap my arms around an animal tale.  As I write this tale, sweet Sandy (the Caretaker) is still with us though she’s been not eating for the last few days.  This morning (Sat. the 26th) she was wide awake, seemingly ready for my visit.  Her cheeks were rosy and it was hard to believe the end was near.  I related all the  love and prayers I was asked to offer.  “Sandy my darling,” I went on,  “You’re building a huge mansion in heaven, plenty of room for you and all our kids and perhaps a room for me to visit.”  Sandy flashed me a smile so broad I feared she’d hurt her face.

My daughter Kim was due back from her Afghan tour on the 10th of January but suffered an injury in her neck.  She was sent to Germany where two discs were removed and replace.  The details aren’t pretty but she’s recouping and she’ll be here for a two week stay on the 29th.  She emailed us and said, “they gave me two discs from a dead person.”  I sent a message back and told her, “Kim they searched around but couldn’t find a live person willing to donate.”  Kim knows me well enough to know that I often use humor to hide my concern but I still remain a proud and concerned dad.

Two weeks ago my good friend Chuck gave me a cat bed he had won at my last Bark in the Park event.  His two cats, Asia and Chisai, never use it and thought I could find a good home for it.  I brought it home and laid it on the dining room table while I thought about where it could be put to the best use.

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