Kicking a 10-ton sponge

Published 5:52 pm Wednesday, November 21, 2012

To the editor:

Whatever the outcome, all Presidents should realize that nearly half of the voters chose the other guy . . .

And from the deluge of voter fraud stories now surfacing, it appears that it is not voter ID that is the problem, but software that tallies votes “wrong.”

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Electronic voting is supposed to leave an auditable paper trail, but I don’t know whether that can be verified when the final tally is duly certified. If the machine is rigged to tally wrong, the paper trail will be wrong, too, won’t it?

It is my understanding that dead people have voted routinely for years and that election judges have counted boxes of ballots however they wanted to count them. So electronic machines did not change that, since software tampering is apparently easier!

I don’t trust anyone to verify or counter the fraud issue stories now surfacing, so I will just accept what we got and learn to live with it, as usual.

When I would complain about NASA, my boss told me I was kicking a 10-ton sponge. He said that I could kick it all I wanted, but nothing would change.

Read government, and you have what we are faced with now. I like to think the vast majority of the people running things are good Americans trying to do a good job and the ship of state will not sink. That way I sleep better and food goes through my system pretty well without incident.


– Garland O. Goodwin, Columbus