The ‘Rattlesnake Incident’ – the rest of the story

Published 2:10 pm Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bonnie Joy Bardos: He might be even shorter now: those tenders are bite-size. Couple of feet: on the feet. New boots. (Can you tell I have a vivid imagination?)
Lauren Field Halbkat: Dangerfield Ashton. I would bet money on it. He is the only guy I know that has a rattlesnake habit and carries ski poles for hiking. 🙂
Anne Foster Day: Elvin, his name is Daingerfield Ashton. I’m friends with him on FB. Known him forever. He taught art at Spartanburg Day School (SDS) for years. He posted about the snake on his page last night.
(At this point, I contact my daughter who went to school at SDS and she remembers that he taught her and her friend Dana there.)
Susan Dore Kocher: What an awesome stage name!
Dana Orchoff Gencarelli: Yep, it definitely looks like Mr. Ashton from SDS! Too funny!
Elvin Clark: Dangerfield Ashton. I want to change my name.
Anne Foster Day: His personality matches his name. You need to have the chance to really talk with him.
Elvin Clark: I am now totally convinced of the power of Facebook.
Dana Orchoff Gencarelli: Dangerfield Ashton is not a man to be trifled with, in my experience! Once in seventh grade he actually managed to convince me that my purple LA Gear tennis shoes might actually be green when no one was looking.
Steve Carlisle: About 45 minutes later Green River BBQ was robbed by a man with a rattlesnake. Police are still looking for his accomplice.
*(The instigator joins the fray.)
Daingerfield Ashton: dayum! I am soooo busted!
Daingerfield Ashton: but all I got was a BBQ plate and some ribs …..
Daingerfield Ashton: they said they didn’t BBQ rattlers so I let him go …..
Rebecca Davis: Too funny. Where else but here would you post this story and less than an hour later have his name, work history and a new friend with a cool name and hobby?
Wendy Reid O’Neal: Mr Ashton, your legacy continues from one generation to the next! I have known you since I was 3.5 yrs and your crazy stories! Now, my children are glued to the Mac Computer as I read your FB stories to them! My 2 year old is in speech therapy right now but said “rattlesnake” this morning.
I posted a more complete version of the incident on my blog (shameless plug) –  This morning I received a message back from Mr. Ashton saying that the snake was released safely on a mountain.  All’s well that ends and asks if I could hold it open. I do so. He pins the snake and grabbed it just behind the head and deposits the creature in the bag. Then he grabs the bag from my hand (which is good because I really don’t want to be holding a rattlesnake) and puts it in the back seat of his car. He thanks me. I thank him. I wish I had had the presence of mind to ask his name. I’d love to find out what he did with the snake. But instead I bought kibbles.
– Elvin Clark

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