The ‘Rattlesnake Incident’ – the rest of the story

Published 2:10 pm Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I wrote recently about an incident in which I (reluctantly) helped a gentleman catch a rattlesnake on 108 between Tryon and Columbus.  I didn’t get the man’s name or intentions at the time, which I regretted later.  I put a post including a picture on Facebook about it for fun and the incident took on a life of its own — Polk County’s version of viral.
For those unfamiliar with Facebook, I had 21 “likes,” which means that 18 people read it, enjoyed it but had no comment.  Those who did comment provided a wealth of information that I thought the TDB audience would find interesting.
The comments:
Bonnie Joy Bardos: It’s the snake whisperer! He’s either got himself a new pet named “Rattler” or he’s having fried snake tenders for dinner (and a new belt).
Wally Hughes: Did it look like a rattlesnake to you?
Elvin Clark: He was only a couple of feet long but he did have a rattleish tail.

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