Coffee: too cute for words

Published 12:11 pm Friday, May 4, 2012


I have visited and brought her out to the waiting room often and I can’t tell you how many people have delightfully held her in their arms. On one visit there weren’t any dogs in the waiting room so I let her down to run around.  After darting around to greet everyone, she headed straight for the cat cage on the back wall. The cat came and put its nose up against the cage to greet her and this was a big mistake because Coffee proceeded to wash its face.
What moved me the most is that somehow the cat understood that Coffee meant it no harm and stayed to accept every lick.
I  picked her up and started to carry her back to her cage when she spoke, “That was fun Uncle Lennie, thank you.” “You’re welcome, sweetheart, I enjoyed it too.” “What’s going to happen to me, Uncle Lennie?”  “Oh my sweet Coffee,” I said hugging her closer to my chest, “if I can’t find you a loving home, I’ll give up my cause.”
Thanks for listening.

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