Coffee: too cute for words

Published 12:11 pm Friday, May 4, 2012


She was tied up underneath a porch without any food or water and very little shelter; thank God she was seen by the right people.  Since the home was rented they were given three choices by the owner: treat the dog properly, give her up or move.  I won’t go into the problems that led to this scenario, to be perfectly honest, I don’t care, the puppy was my only concern.
My cousin Ted, brought her to my home in his arms and said to me, “Lennie, can you help?”  Ted has a big heart and to his credit, always helps financially when he brings an animal to my attention.  To date he has been instrumental in saving the lives of three dogs, a cat and Queenie, the King snake.
I took the puppy from his arms and she nestled in close to my chest murmuring her contentment.  Meanwhile Bruno and Pablo, my two dogs, were clamoring to see what dad was holding.
“Not now kids, we don’t want to frighten her,” I said.
Coffee is only 2-months-old, her coloring instantly popped her name into my head.  We believe she is a chocolate lab and pit mix and my Lord is she beautiful.  She is incredibly sweet, playful and loving and her little tail never stops wagging.  She kisses anyone who comes near her face and the first time I held her close she enthusiastically  licked my face.
I laughingly said as I nuzzled my face close to hers, “So you’re Coffee with sugar, are you?” I put her on the ground and told my kids to be nice.  Bruno, my big brindle Boxer made me proud as he protected Coffee from being played with too roughly from Pablo, my Papillion. Coffee rewarded him with a flourish of kisses and when I told Bruno he was a good boy he rewarded me with that lopsided grin that I adore.
She has subsequently been brought to Landrum vet where she is up for adoption under my name.  She has become the star of the office, her beauty and demeanor is infectious.
Dr. Raines commented to me, “She’s such a great girl, Lennie, and it’s nice to have one in here that’s perfectly healthy.”

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