What to do about Sergeant?

Published 10:16 am Friday, April 20, 2012

Sergeant is a pit pointer mix who has been with us since December. This young and handsome boy is so full of love it tears your heart out, but that love is only for people. He was adopted once and brought back because he went after the family cat. We have tried him with other cage mates and though it starts out beautifully, sooner or later there’s an altercation. He’s an escape artist too but he doesn’t run away, he comes back to where people are.  So many things about him make him inadaptable. I try to visit with him as often as I can, knowing his chances for life are diminishing by the day.  When I pass his cage he’ll stand on his hind legs and grin at me, hoping today I’ll have some time for him. When I do sit in with him his whole body tingles with excitement. I visited with him just yesterday as I decided to tell his tale. When I sat with him Sergeant literally washed my face with excitement.  As I wrapped my arms around him I could sense the joy and love exuding from every pore in his body. I rubbed his ears as we spoke and the smile of contentment brought tears to my eyes.  “What are we going to do with you Sergeant? You want to be the only dog.”
I could think of so many scenarios where Sergeant would fit in perfectly. If you fit that criteria, please come in and give Sergeant a chance, you will be rewarded with a lifetime companion like no other.
Thanks for listening.

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