What to do about Sergeant?

Published 10:16 am Friday, April 20, 2012


Before I begin this difficult tale, let’s get caught up on a few of my kids from the recent past.
Magic, the Rott/Shepherd mix, who aspired to be a police dog was adopted two days after his story appeared. He is with a six foot eight policeman from Asheville and is so pleased with him he called to ask about a companion for Magic.
The ongoing saga of sweet Buck with the severely broken foreleg continues.  Last week his protective collar was removed and he’s getting around wonderfully. I will have him back to see Dr. Allen at Upstate hospital on May 8. Due to the severity of his injury he cannot run for another five weeks, in the meantime I took him from his cage at Landrum vet and placed him with my dear friend Josh at Dogwood Farms so he’d at least be in a large kennel with room to roam and will be walked regularly. The bills pile up, but as I said before, he is more than worth it.
My two Am-Staff girls, Krueger and Katrina, are ready to go and have a clean bill of health. It hurts me to lose their other sister and these two won’t be easy either because we are loaded with pit and pit mixes at F.H.S. They must remain at Landrum vet until we can find room or a foster home.
The very beautiful Maggie, the Maine Coon cat, has gone back to Landrum vet to have the bladder stone removed. I’ve been taken to calling her Maggie Mae.  Her operation went smoothly and she should be back at F.H.S. after a few days of recuperation. Dr. Donna Raines who is well aware with my constant struggle with funds said, “let’s make Maggie your free case for the year” which I tearfully accepted. If Donna’s boyfriend wasn’t six foot eight and my wife didn’t own a gun, I would steal her away to some deserted island. Just kidding.

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